Managing yourself

The right attitude is everything. When it comes to change, you encourage it and embrace it. You’re quick to react and adapt to changing circumstances by accepting new ideas – and making them happen. You’re also positive in front of your team when managing and implementing change.

You have strong values and beliefs, and you will be quick to understand the importance of the values of NFU Mutual; to take the time to do things right for our customers. You will uphold and champion them in everything you do – and everything your team does.

You also have a positive attitude towards the Farming Union you represent and their members, working with them to champion British farming and provide professional representation and services to Farmer and Grower members.

Driven and ambitious? Unquestionably. You have high levels of energy, expectation and ambition. As a self-employed Agent you’ll be constantly looking for opportunities to improve the way you work and the way your teams work, as well as exploring new ways of working. You seek out new approaches and innovative thinking and, where appropriate, you’re quick to implement them into your business.

You appreciate that you can never know everything. You encourage a learning approach and you take positives from both successes and failures. You also appreciate the importance – and value – of customer and staff feedback.